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DART Chiostro del Bramante

DART Chiostro del Bramante is the institution that manages all of the activities on offer at the cultural and multipurpose space within the Chiostro del Bramante.

Our mission has always been to make the Chiostro a destination open to the public and propose a full range of cultural services and social encounters.

Cultural Space

We began with the restoration of the Chiostro (Cloisters), completed in 1997, and the subsequent renovation of the building’s three floors.  The restoration restored the structure to its ancient splendor, which was designed in 1500 by Donato Bramante.  It also allowed for the recovery of large spaces formerly used for convent activities and now open to the public, such as the arcade on the ground floor, the loggia on the second floor, the halls and salons used for exhibitions and the spaces for social gatherings  The Chiostro is now equipped with services such as a reception, bistro, meeting and events room, galleries, cafeteria space and bookshop and design store.

Art Museum

Under the direction of DART, following the restoration, the Chiostro Del Bramante has carried out ceaselessly the diffusion of knowledge of art through a network of both Italian and international cultural relations.

The operational structure of DART is divided into sections.  Due to our wide- ranging commitment to a variety of channels for the promotion and organization of exhibitions, the division of departments serves to provide the utmost quality in the care and implementation of events, and in the management of cultural services.

Each section is headed by its own managerial and executive staff that takes care of relations with the operators within the sector and with the public, making use of curators, experts and collaborators for each department.


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