Educational Department

The Educational Department of the Cloister of Bramante was established in 2019, operating under a triple directive: research, training, and experimentation.

Research: The educational proposal of the Department is substantiated by in-depth research on the most up-to-date educational methodologies. This is achieved through constant updating and engagement with international contexts.

Training: The educational department’s team consists of art historians and museum educators specializing in museum education. Continuous training for department collaborators is a foundational value.

Experimentation: The Cloister of Bramante aims to position itself as an open and receptive educational hub, engaging with diverse audiences through moments of exchange, sharing, and stimulating experiences.

All educational programs are led by art historians specialized in museum education and are available upon reservation every day in Italian, English, French, Spanish, and German (please check costs via email during the booking process).

Educational programs

Educational Programs at the Cloister of Bramante offer a gateway to guided tours and activities focused on learning and innovation. With a recent comprehensive renovation, the Cloister is evolving into a dynamic, multi-purpose space, welcoming all forms of culture.

These tailored programs are intricately woven with the ongoing exhibitions, enriching the visitor experience. Beyond its well-established exhibition initiatives, the Cloister aims to embrace various “forms” of art, intending to captivate a broad and diverse audience throughout the year.

Engage with the art on display, whether you’re a family with young children, independent teens, students on a class visit, or teachers seeking guidance on integrating art into school curricula. The Cloister of Bramante invites you to immerse yourself in a journey of cultural exploration and discovery.

Book a guided tour today and unlock the doors to a world where art, learning, and innovation converge seamlessly. Experience the Cloister’s vibrant and ever-evolving cultural landscape.

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