Our spaces

Our spaces

The Chiostro designed by the great architect Donato Bramante, from which the entire space museum is named, in every season offers the unique sight of its Renaissance architecture set in the ancient center of Rome. With its large open galleries and frescoed lunette the closter is the true heart of the building complex of Santa Maria della Pace and welcomes with its unique and harmonic style all guests of the events, visitors to the exhibitions, the cafeteria goers and it becames the ideal threshold to be projected into the world of amazing initiatives of the Dart.

The exhibiton room are at the ground floor and at the first floor, with a total restored area of 1000 square meters.
The great rooms that usually host the prestigious work of the most important exhibition of the Dart, in exceptional cases are set up for private events, for themed elite dinners, often in joint with business events.

Located on the first floor of the building the Upper Open Gallery hosts the outdoor area of the cafeteria. The UP – SIDE, is also a privileged place for corporate events and private parties, as well as the ideal stage for musical and artistic performances. From the upper open gallery it’s possible to access to the well-stocked bookshop and to the sophisticated store, whose windows looks on it

The cafeteria is not only a place of relaxation where you can taste the delicacies of refined seasonal menus but it’s also an iridescent showcase for talents and young artists who, after a careful selection of the artistic direction of the Dart, have the opportunity to exhibit thier works at the same time with the most important exhibitions of the major space. It is possible for everyone to participate in the selection by sending an email with pictures and curriculum to the email address info@chiostrodelbramante.it. Recently restored and turned into a lounge area of the bistro, the room “Le Sibille”, with the view of the famous homonym fresco by Raphael, has the dual capability of exhibition space and location of incomparable charm for events, meetings, editorial presentations, and private and business parties.

The beautiful spaces that extend below the surface of the cloister completely renovated and new functions offer an extra dimension to the museum environments, ideal for performances, small exhibitions of young artists and temporarily, above all take life as space for meetings and presentations, and conference room for 100 places fully equipped.


With a breathtaking view of the center of Rome, the “Space Tower” is the latest acquisition of the museum complex, a real apartment where you can book your stay in Rome and a place to live the art at 360 ° and where to customize your own unique event. A unique example of a perfect blend of art and lifestyle.

The “Loft Space” is located in a quiet area of the museum complex and it enjoys a privileged view of the Cloister. Its main feature is the extreme flexibility of use: many events of different nature will find space there, from ‘happenig art, to yoga class, to the evening event in total privacy.

The Children’s Academy is the space that the direction of the Dart wanted to dedicate to our younger children’s friends, in a permante way, as an example of the importance to educate the childrens to the art from a very early age.
The Children’s Academy hosts workshops on a weekly basis with a varied program of courses and special events and offers together a lot of combinations of events such as private parties with competent and likeable entertainers afternoons and pleasant customized afternoons for families.

Located in the extraordinary space of sottocupola of the church of Santa Maria della Pace the Capriate Space is a large sitting room, characterized by the skillful use of exposed trusses, and hosts theater workshops and courses and internships in business theater , but it can host not only performance events but also temporary exhibitions and multimedia shows.

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