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Music and English with Gymboree

Gymboree Play & Music, The Global Leader in Early Childhood Development Programmes for 0-5s have more than 700 centres in 40 countries around the world and are expanding their selection of courses for young children at the Chiostro of Bramante in the heart of Rome.
These activites, which are conducted in English and in Italian (depending on course and demand), aim to develop children’s physical, cognitive and social skills in a fun and playful setting. Some of the courses also actively involve parents and carers, who can play such a vital role in their children’s development. In the UK, Gymboree has just won the national award, for the fourth year running, for the best activity on offer for pre-school children.

MUSIC | the course aims to explore the foundations of music through singing, movement and age- appropriate instruments. The lessons take children and parents alike on a journey of exploration through a huge variety of styles, from classical music to jazz, and introduces rhythms and melodies from the most remote corners of the world.

ENGLISH SCHOOL SKILLS | learning English is a game with Gymboree! Children build curiosity and self-confidence through art, the discovery of the alphabet and a huge variety of physical and interactive games. The activities used in English School Skills are conducted mainly in English, and encourage communication and co-operation between peers. This allows children to build a solid framework in preparation for future educational and social contexts. In each two hour class, the teachers involve the children in reading English books, in exploring and nurturing their social and emotional skills, and in encouraging communication with their peers in the group. Prepare your child for school and for life with the new “English School Skills” programme from Gymboree! Unlike in the Music course, this programme does not require the presence of parents, apart from during the settling in process which is determined by the teachers. To guarantee the highest-quality lessons, led by two teachers, there is a maximum of 10 children in each group.

GYMBOREE ENGLISH | Gymboree English is an English course for children aged between 3 and 6 years old unaccompanied by a parent. The lessons last for an hour and are based specifically on learning English using fun and interactive activities which include games, art, motor activities, music and lots more! The lessons are based on a specific theme which changes every two weeks and include various activities which reinforce the theme in different ways. Gymboree English helps children to familiarize themselves with the English language and learn words and key concepts in a natural and fun way!

– English School Skills (2 – 4 years) | Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm
– Gymboree English Club (3 – 6 years) | Monday and Wednesday from 16:30 pm to 18:30 pm
– Music 2/3 (16 m – 5 years) | Thursday from 10:00 am to 10:45 am
– Music 1 (6 – 16 months) | Thursday from 11:00 am to 11:45 am

All of the lessons take place on the second floor in the area above the Chiostro’s café.

In addition, if you are interested in taking part in a course of Sensory Baby Play, at the Chiostro, contact us directly. Sensory Baby Play classes offer newborns (0-8 months) new sensory experiences and to give adults ideas as to how to stimulate their children from such a young age. Our lessons provide a whole repertoire of songs and activities tailored especially for young babies which can be replicated at home. Sensory Baby Play lessons include songs, physical activities, puppets, fibre optic lights, bubbles, musical instruments and lots more, all perfectly suitable for babies. In each lesson, following initial group activities, there is an opportunity to explore our “sensory stations”, which include a variety of objects and materials for even the littlest to explore and all have together!

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